Helping people do what they do best

Raising men and women whose passion is in influencing the development of African communities and transforming Africa into an integral part of the global economy.


Promoting student extracurricular activities through support, training and engagement.


Each year, thousands of young Africans make it into university. It is a transition that many embrace with enthusiasm. Depending on backgrounds, passions and goals, these young people aim to get a qualification for different reasons. There is a high chance that from this pool of young people, there will arise our future leaders at society, industry, government and even global level. With such leadership roles, individuals are in a position where their decisions and actions impact not only their lives, but the lives of the people under the influence of their authority. There is therefore a need for effective preparation of our young people so that when they eventually assume leadership roles, they are sensitised to the needs of their communities and are pivotal in steering growth and development. The Second Generation (TSG) has been established with a goal to provide effective leadership training to Africa’s future leaders, focusing primarily on those who enter tertiary institutions.

The Second Generation is a leadership training organisation that offers support, training and engagement opportunities for young people on African campuses.

Why “The Second Generation?

Looking at the history of the modern-day Africa, it went through a period of colonialism. There are people who boldly rose up against colonization. These people led the liberation movements which brought about the independent Africa we have today. Names such as Julius Nyerere, Kwame Nkrumah, Nelson Mandela, Robert Mugabe, Jomo Kenyatta and many more come into mind. These are considered the ‘first generation’ of leaders in Africa. The Second Generation are those who will build on the foundation laid by the preceding generation, particularly striving to transform Africa into an integral part of the global economy.

Raising socially responsible leaders

Social responsibility is a term much popular within the corporate world. This is where a corporation, after it has been successful in a certain market, gives back to the communities within which they were doing business. However, when one stops to think about the overwhelming volumes of issues that needs to be addressed throughout the African continent, it will take centuries if we are to wait for corporations or governments to solve them. The concept of raising socially responsible leaders basically involves sensitising young people to the challenges affecting their communities and they are motivated to bring change. This means they grow up with a mindset of making a difference. Through our project based approach to leadership training, we are striving to raise these socially responsible leaders in Africa.

Project based leadership development

The best model for leadership training at campus level is project based. Through projects, students have an opportunity to learn vital leadership skills such as responsibility, accountability, decision making, discipline, time management among others. Projects can be of diverse nature, ranging from student club activities, community engagements or sporting activities. These projects have to be extracurricular and participation voluntary.




TSG offers support to student clubs and associations participating in extracurricular activities. Our support can take the form of partnerships, resources and endorsements. Our support is aimed at helping student associations establish effective and functional structures which allows growth and continuity.


TSG offers training to student clubs, associations, representative committees and other youth groups who assume leadership roles at different levels of society. Our training programs are tailormade to suit the needs of our clients, putting into consideration the vision of the client, their area of operation and their experience in leadership circles.


Through our influence in the digital media space, we help student clubs in networking, collaborations and sourcing sponsorship for their projects.